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Your definitive guide for understanding and managing asbestos in educational settings.

We are committed to delivering current news, informative videos, and thorough testing methodologies to support school officials, parents, and the community across all educational levels, including public schools, private schools, and universities.

Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of asbestos in diverse school environments, ensuring the well-being of students and staff nationwide.

Current Asbestos Updates in
Educational Facilities

Keep abreast of the latest findings, reports, and developments in asbestos monitoring
and management within school environments from trustworthy news sources.

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Asbestos Awareness:
News and Information

Discover up-to-date news and information on handling and preventing asbestos
exposure in schools through our curated video selections.

Introduction to
Asbestos Testing

Understanding the risks of asbestos is critical, especially in schools where young lives are at stake.

Our Asbestos Testing section elucidates why it’s imperative to test for asbestos, how to recognize its presence, and the actions to undertake upon detection.

EMSL Rotary Vane Pump

Heavy Duty, rotary vane pump with a 1/10 hp motor! The EMSL Rotary Vane pump is a cost effective alternative to other rotary vane pumps. This pump is ideal for running all-day PCM and/or TEM samples, and can also handle any viable or non-viable mold sampling cassettes. Comes with flow control valve and tubing. Flow Rates:

  • PCM Cassette 3-15 L/min
  • TEM Cassette 3-10 L/min
  • Non-Viable Mold Cassette 3-30 L/min
  • Viable Impactor 3-30 L/min

Asbestos PCM Cassette (Fiber Counts ONLY, Not Identification of Asbestos)

EMS 25mm PCM Asbestos Air Monitoring Cassette Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured to meet NIOSH, OSHA & EPA guidelines
  • Effective asbestos air sampling
  • No luer adapters required
  • Barcode and serial numbers for easy identification
  • 25 mm filter

Asbestos TEM Cassette (For Identification of Asbestos in Air Sample)

EMS 25mm TEM Asbestos Air Monitoring Cassette Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured to meet NIOSH, OSHA & EPA guidelines
  • Effective asbestos air sampling
  • No luer adapters required
  • Barcode and serial numbers for easy identification

EMSL's Easy-to-Use Test Kits

Equip yourself with the right tools for asbestos detection with our reliable test kits,
designed for simplicity and accuracy, endorsed by professionals nationwide.


Identify the invisible threat of asbestos in school environments with our Asbestos in Dust Test Kit. Perfect for testing settled dust in classrooms and common areas.


Our standard Asbestos Test Kit makes it feasible for anyone to collect samples and assess the safety of school facilities.


Specifically designed to test for asbestos contamination in vermiculite insulation, this kit is a must-have for older schools with attic insulation.

Submit Samples for Testing Today!

If you have already collected a material sample and don’t require an Asbestos Test Kit, you can choose from our two submission options: mailing your sample or dropping it off at a local lab. Our EPA approved, NVLAP accredited asbestos testing laboratory is ready to test your suspect asbestos-containing material.

Steps for Submitting Your Sample:
Follow the EPA sampling guide instructions and download a sample submission form. Next, choose the turnaround [TAT] time for your results. Finally, either mail your sample(s) along with payment to the laboratory or drop them off at one of our 49 local labs located throughout the US and Canada for quickest processing.

Submitting your sample via local lab drop off:
You can choose to drop off your samples at one of our local labs located throughout the US and Canada. This method provides a quicker turnaround with same-day processing.

Mail your sample[s] to:
Please choose from one of the two forms below based on your geographic location. Be sure to include payment for the $95 lab processing fee with your mailed sample.

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EMSL Analytical, Inc.:
200 Route 130 North
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