EMSL's Easy-to-Use Test Kits

Protect the health of students and faculty with our asbestos test kits, designed with educational institutions in mind.

Trusted by school maintenance professionals and health inspectors nationwide, these kits are crafted to deliver accurate results promptly, ensuring a safe learning and teaching atmosphere.


Identify the invisible threat of asbestos in school environments with our Asbestos in Dust Test Kit. Perfect for testing settled dust in classrooms and common areas.


Our standard Asbestos Test Kit makes it feasible for anyone to collect samples and assess the safety of school facilities.


Specifically designed to test for asbestos contamination in vermiculite insulation, this kit is a must-have for older schools with attic insulation.

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Expanded Testing Solutions

EMSL's Comprehensive Test Kits: Prioritizing in School Safety

Our support for safe school environments extends beyond asbestos detection. EMSL provides a broad spectrum of simple-to-use test kits for numerous environmental concerns.

Tested and recommended by professionals in the field, our additional kits address a diverse array of substances and materials, helping ensure your educational facility meets rigorous health and safety standards.